Mahableshwar- Tapola

Tapola is proudly known as the Kashmir of the western coast. It is a pastoral settlement characterized by a splendid lake – Shivsagar.

$41 /2 days

Kerala- WildLife Experience

Xcite Tour India gives you an eco-lodge situated inside the forest where one can get close to the wilderness offered by the western ghats that run along Wayanad district

$200 /5 days

Kerala Explore The Beauty

Kerala is the Beautyful part of South India.Discover amazing backwaters,See beautifull temples.Plan your vacations in Kerala with Xcite Tour India.

$200 /5 days


Enjoy your trip to Nakhal and visit : Nakhal Fort, Nakhal Spring water, Wakan pretty village,and Wadi Al Abyad.

$90 /2 days

Oman- Wahiba Sands

Enjoy your trip to Wahiba Sand Desert and enjoy : the drive on the top of the sand dunes ( Dune Bashing), Camel Riding, visit to the Bedouins house,and Wadi Bani Khalid.

$90 /2 days